December 22, 2010

why you always in my mind ? :(

everytime , everyday , everyseconds im just thinking bout you .
i miss your smile, i miss our laugh together , i miss your voice , 
i miss your lips , i miss when u hug me , i miss when you hold my hand , 
i miss when you told me i love you baby , i will always remember :
 you told me  you will not love me like a flower that will fade but 
you will love me as a river that will always flow no matter what the resistance 
i miss all bout you i donno why i miss every moment of our memories , i am really missing you now .
why you always in my mind bodoh , please go away :( . i already have someone that can love me not like you .
I really hate you please go away , why you always at here :( , Go please and thanks cause make me more suffer !

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