November 30, 2010

Please come back to me and hug me :(

- I'm feeling un-normal .Why ? Cause God know the reason 

*Btw ,i just want express here how much i miss my sweetheart .Lama tak jumpa .Spm isn't finished yet .So , i have to wait . hmm , you know what i mean ? I hope you do . I miss him and i dont how to tell him how much i miss him . I want a hug , a kiss from him :p . I miss you a lot apple . Like seriously , i feel like crazy now .Yeah , i just can see you at ur fb page and my phone screen And i'm crying . I'm totally missing you . Missing you so much . When you're reading this , i hope you will understand how much i miss you . i miss our laugh together. I miss your smile, i miss every moment of our memories. I' am really missing you honey. I love youuu mohd dinie  <333 Please come back to me :(

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