November 24, 2010

apple dinie .

sayang , i want you to know everyday when i look at my phone on a morning i always hope you text me or call me and i always think i've done something wrong to you . Everyday im just look u at your page . hukkhukkk so sad :( haha . i just can see you at ur page and my phone screen :( .i miss you sayang really miss you :( . Please meet me !
I still remember the first time u told me that you love me HAHA ,  I totally love it when you look at me and told that you love me with immediately smile . sayangg , I love you so much sweetheart i wish you always be by my side to make me happy  , i want we will always be together till the end of time . Please keep my words i wont ever let you go . i love you so much muahhh muahhh < 33333 
One more thing bb , REMEMBER *No matter what happen , you and me will be always together mohd dinie <33

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